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I'm circumcised and decided to not circumcise either of my two boys. While I've always easily dismissed arguments about uncirc being bad because the boys' penises will look different. I don't think it will be traumatic for them, but I do find my own understanding/familiarity of their uncirc penis as...lacking.

Calvin (3yo) has become fascinated with his penis lately. On top of the discovery of his penis has come the recent arrival of erections. Thanks to this, I'm seeing more and more of his penis and I can't but help to wonder about the mechanics of his uncut member. I've read that the foreskin should pull back around 2 yo, but I have yet to see it retracted. Granted, I have never attempted to retract it since I've been told that could be painful.

Any (pardon the pun) tips?
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19 October 2005 @ 11:14 am
Hi, I'm Cory. I have two boys - Calvin (3 y.o.) and Nigel (11 months). Both were delivered naturally. Calvin was breast fed until around 24-30 months old. We co-slept with Nigel until he was about 8 months. The wife is a Bradley natural childbirth instructor.

I came into attachment parenting mostly because my wife was very gung-ho about it. Raising Calvin made me prefer the AP way to other ways of dealing with problems, so I've kind of grown into AP as my children have been growing with AP.
16 October 2005 @ 07:35 pm
So is anyone trying to do any sign-language with their little ones? My wife and I have been doing sign language (just the basics - Eat, Milk, More) for about the past four months (My son is 8-months old, and while I know we started a bit early, we ourselves needed to get into the habit of it, hence, why we started so early), and we've been pretty regular about it.

My question is what kind of luck are you having with it? We catch moments where Tyler clearly looks at us and does the milk sign, while he's on the floor playing with one of his many toys. And so we pick him up, try to give him some milk, and it turns out that what he really seems to want at those moments is just to be picked up. How did we go wrong? Why would he decide to use the milk sign to get picked up? We never do the sign to him prior to picking him up - It's always RIGHT BEFORE he drinks some milk. So I'm confused as to how this mix-up began.

Anyone else out there have any experoence with signing?
15 October 2005 @ 11:10 am
I'm the father of a 13-month old girl, Aria, and my wife and I are expecting our second in March. Attached Parenting is the way we love our child(ren), and it's great to have a community where AP dads can meet and support each other. To me, as a dad, I know I'm supposed to be just as much of a nurturer as the mom. I know we're supposed to be equal partners, committed to being involved in our children's lives.

My father left my mother when I was one year old . . . he continued to be a part of my life, but that distance between us was always harmful to my development, socially and physically. I believe there's a reason why it takes two to make a child, and I am committed to making sure my children have the father that I didn't.

14 October 2005 @ 10:42 pm
Hello there! I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Todd, and I am the father of an 8-month old son, named Tyler. I created this community because I basically have no one else to share experiences with, from a Dad's point-of-view. My wife's family are accepting of Attachment Parenting, but we see them so seldom, and my family is very much the traditional family (put the baby in the crib, and let him/her cry it out until they sleep - That way they learn how to put themselves to sleep... Things like that). And so I have no other fellow fathers to get advice or pointers from.

Tyler is our first, and so it's difficult for me when I have questions about certain aspects of parenting dealing with attachment, and having no one to turn to for suggestions or advice. Anyway, it is my hope that this community grows, and becomes an outlet for people like me, where answers can be sought, and we can just share our own experiences.